..Milarky has been focused on the realm of Nomadism and what he aligns as ’the Return to Nomadity’ of our species due to the misled ability to care for the Earth. Nomadism being a response to the environment, an adaption through a generationally founded ability to attune to nature, as opposed to our societies current mind set to tune the land to our desired ways for benefit based on self prescribed time frames of economy and born hierarchy.

Milarky has just finished his Masters based on the realms between Nomadism and Sedentarization, where he traveled over 9 months across the American Continent for the self developed ’Nomadic Residency’ Project, which was aimed to decipher the position of a contemporary Nomad. Currently this has situated his practice with the approach of investigating the domination of borders and ‘mobility limitations’ on our species Nomadistic tendencies, and the cause and resistance this has on environmental issues.

All Milarky works are one off originals, always.