Rahui was taken shortly after the whale beaching at Kaupokonui Beach in May 2018. Monica entered this piece into the Taranaki National Art Awards, where it was named overall winner of the photography category.

Rahui speaks directly to environmental concerns in South Taranaki in a subtle, but also urgent way. Many of the warning signs, particularly the rahui (a form of tapu restricting access to a resource to protect it) shows Ngāti tu’s concern about waterways, while others  reflect on wider concerns within Aotearoa New Zealand about health and safety. The people walking along the bridge carrying whitebait nets show a passtime connected with coastal traditions, which is in danger because of pollution, but in turn, is also affected by quotas placed on gathering kai moana.

300mm x 450mm

Elegantly presented in a black frame, white matt and glass.

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